7 Common PC Errors and How To Fix Them


PC troubles are something that annoys anybody making use of the system, especially when busy with some crucial work. Undoubtedly, we all witness computer errors due to different reasons and deep down think how to get rid of them without any tech support or professional help.

Sometimes, getting out of the computer problems might be out of reach; nevertheless, it’s not the case every time. Some of the PC errors can be resolved at your end for which it’s not mandatory for you to possess any technical knowledge.

For all the ordinary users, also the tech savvy people, I bring out some easy ways for troubleshooting your computer while you witness any of these most common problems when working on any Windows type.

7 Fundamental PC Issues along with their Fixation

1. System Restart Over Again

There are plenty of reasons taking ground for your machine to restart on a frequent basis. Some of them might be out these: need Windows update, overheating, malware issues, weird noises, etc.

Source: PCWorld

The primary step to deal with this common trouble is to check your computer with all the necessary updates and scans it requires at priority. Overheating and noises problem could be handled by a thorough cleaning of the system as dust particles also hamper the effectual working of a machine.

2. Machine Constantly Freezing

A computer is a device that is programmed to execute the ‘n’ number of user commands to give the desired outputs. The complexity of running programs and executable files may cause your system to freeze or may not respond to any of your actions.

If you face the trouble many times, then merely it’s because of less memory space, damaged/corrupted files, registry errors or any spyware. The first step to get rid of the issue is to reboot your machine which solves many problems in one go.

Otherwise, go for running system checks and antivirus checks as these validations would help you get insights about your memory usage, speed, any virus injections or corrupted files.

3. Multiple Pop-up Ads Appearing

On pop-up of any ad, you might be wondering about how do they start appearing and many times frustrate a user while at work. Even if you are not browsing on the web, these ads are likely to appear because of the unwanted software named as Adware.

Adware is of no good and is recommended to remove this software by installing effective software like Malwarebytes that helps in finding and deleting adware and acts as a remarkable utility tool for eliminating viruses and malware.

Do backup all your data files before the malicious software harms your device.

4. PC Running Too Slow

There is a time when we all witness this PC hiccup at some point. While making use of the system we don’t realize that there might be something wrong inside it which leads to its poor performance.

The cases might be any of these: overstuffed C drive, poor broadband connection, unnecessary system options enabled, fragmentation and many more. For all these sufferings you can get easy solutions.

To run the data files smoothly, make some room for the storage of these files in your hard drive as if your hard disk is maxed out, a PC loses its performance. For further checks, go for looking out the system configuration tool by pressing Windows-R, typing ‘msconfig’ and pressing enter.

Check the Startup and Manufacturer columns and disable the programs/services which are not necessary. After making the changes click OK and restart. You’ll noticeably see faster reboot and the desired speed.

5. BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

Popularly known as the STOP error, it is also counted under the common PC issues that are witnessed by people while working on important documents. Blue screen of death is a hardware-related error that displays a blue screen when it’s unable to output the results of computer executions.

Mostly, this error arises due to corrupted DLL files, damaged programs/applications or hardware failure. At first, it is advised to restart the Windows and if further diagnostics are needed go for checking the error codes online or check the Windows Event Viewer to see the error logs.

6. Missing DLL Executable Files

Damaged or corrupted DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files is a standard issue faced by many computer users. The ‘.DLL’ files include multiple codes, programs and syntax to run multiple applications of the system and if any of the code gets missing it turns up as a bug.

To fix such an issue make use of System File Checker that helps scan all the data files present in the system’s hard drive, finds the missed file and repairs (or replaces) the same. Once the process is done, restart your Windows.

7. Truncated Screen Display

Many times after the computer starts fresh after restarting it there occurs an issue with the screen resolution where the texts or desktop icons get truncated and ultimately, affects the display of that device.

The major cause of this is a trouble with the graphics card or drivers which need close heed. Your graphics drivers might have gone obsolete and need an update or even if the problem doesn’t get resolved, go for replacing the graphics card.