Clean Up PC


PC  problems we all are familiar with, sometimes its the missing files, or its the virus detection. Many times we haven’t updated our drivers and Windows, so we tend to face performance issues with our systems.

Whatever be the reason, it calls for a PC Clean Up either internally or externally. Cleaning your computer at regular intervals sorts most of the related problems and helps our machine to stay fit and fine.

So here are some useful insights on the best way to clean your system in order to tune it up.

Why do you need to clean up your PC?

Cleaning up your PC will not only make your PC look more professional but will prevent many other problems as well.

When does your PC need a cleanup?

It’s very simple to tell. There are a couple of strong signs that indicate you should tidy up your PC:

  • You’re coming up short on disk space.
  • Startup takes ages.
  • Applications and programs load slowly.
  • Your desktop is a complete mess of files and folders.
  • You are not able to locate the files you need in this mess.
  • Programs unexpectedly stop.
  • And much more…

Step by step instructions to clean your PC

Let’s go over primary issues and see how these issues can be solved. For the most part, PC cleaning comes down to two primary assignments: hard drive cleaning and system cleaning.

Cleaning your hard disk means working along with your files, finding them, sorting and deleting the ones that you no longer require within your system. System cleaning is a bit tricky, and this is the part where you need to delve into your PC’s files & folders to remove all the trash that is slowing down your system.

Step by step methods for cleaning your PC System: the easy way

If you don’t want to invest your time & energy delving about within your system or you feel that you might cause chaos with your Windows folders, all in all, there’s a more straightforward way. You can get some utility tools like CCleaner, CleanMyPC, Malwarebytes that will make your task easier and will carry out the job for you, saving you the hassle of manual cleaning.

If you have skills, time and motivation for manual PC cleaning, please keep on reading.

The most effective method to clean PC System: the manual way

The main things you have to remove are brief documents or just temp records. These are generated by any actions that you perform on your PC and/or by the applications that you are using, most of the time, they ought to get deleted naturally (hence the name), however, sometimes, some of them remain within your PC’s temp folder.

Removing temp documents

  • In the first place, close all applications
  • Press Start
  • Type Disk Cleanup in the search bar and press Enter
  • Select Temporary Internet Files, Temporary folders (Temp), Thumbnails, Downloaded Files, Offline website pages.
  • Erase them.

Dispose of the caches and logs

In each of the variant of Windows, there are seven different types of caches present. Trust me; you would prefer not to experience every one of them. There are a lot of manuals present on the web for you to look at, if you have an hour or two to spare, you can swing to them and have a look.

The final stage for PC cleaning: Removing the Trash

You possibly only need this if you have erased the documents with merely pressing the delete button, and not used the CTRL + Shift + Delete command. The latter completely removes things, excluding the Trash bin.

To empty the recycle bin from all that you’ve thrown in it, just right click on the recycle bin icon and choose empty trash.

If you can’t see the recycle bin icon on your PC, use this method:

  • Open settings from start menu
  • Select system
  • Look for storage
  • Select Temporary files
  • Click on empty recycle bin.

That is it! Presently your PC should be able to run quicker, feel much lighter, and have all the free space that you require on the drive.

It is recommended to apply these simple guidelines every other day and let your system breathe more healthily and work appropriately.