Fix Program Not Responding


Usually, a computer freezes itself up for a while and shows up a ‘Program Not Responding’ error and frustrates its user while working on it. We all have seen such a situation plenty of times but merely pay heed to the actual causes for such a glitch that appears.

‘Program Not Responding’ error message might arise due to many reasons which may include malware attack, low system memory, program conflicts, fewer computer resources, bugs, missing program file/folder and there are many others in line.

The first thing which everybody must do is reboot the computer and start it fresh as a restart can help resolve many PC issues many times, else if the situation doesn’t get right, try applying the underneath fixation tips.

End the Halted Programs using Task Manager

Running tasks which suddenly got paused/not responding can be stopped with the help of the Task Manager. This is what you need to do at first as such type of issues are not that serious and can be dealt with quickly.

Press ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ to open the Windows Task Manager. In the Applications tab, you can see the running programs which are on halt and can proceed with the ‘End Process’ option.

Release System Resources

A PC has a lot of commands to execute within seconds, and there are many internal processes that help in the successful execution of these user commands. For delivering semantic outputs, even a PC requires free CPU cycles and resources to run the programs effectively.

To release more resources, you can go for deleting the temp files and junk files to increase the computer space, uninstall least required software and games, extend the system’s memory through flash drives or external hard disks.

Overall, free the space, and you will get rid of this frequently arising problem.

Go for Checking the Missing or Corrupted Files

There is a possibility of occurrence of a ‘Program Not Responding’ error by the deletion of some necessary files. Crucial files like DLL files, registries, etc.when searched by the computer, might get missing or corrupted which hangs the machine while at work and delays other tasks as well.

One can install a data recovery software that helps to repair or replace the damaged or missing files and recover the same. Malwarebytes is good software that one can look upon to get rid of such troublesome issues.

Check for Drivers and their Update

Applications and system’s drivers work in a similar manner where both of them require regular updates with their new versions. So, if you haven’t checked the alerts for driver’s update, then you need to check them first and download the latest ones to never witness such hiccups while working on a PC.

Make sure you verify whether the windows you are using are also up-to-date and you are working on the recent version.

Go for Virus and Spyware Checks

You must have a reliable antivirus software which protects your computer from the unwanted virus threats and injections. Run the application for scanning the whole system for malware, adware or bloatware and delete all those files and folders that are warned by the antivirus.

Performing this you may see remarkable results in the performance of your computer which would definitely avoid the ‘Program Not Responding’ error to appear.

Hope these simple hacks would help you out if the machine gets stuck and displays ‘Program Not Responding error.