How to Fix Blue Screen Errors?


Blue screen of death (BSOD) is an unwelcoming sight and is a common error witnessed by a system user. The error is also known as STOP error which Microsoft Windows encounter while it detects a critical issue that can’t be handled by its own.

The reason for this type of error to arise is the installation of degraded software or drivers and hardware malfunctioning due to which the Windows is forced to stop working. Sometimes the problem may not be much complex; however, it must not be taken lightly and overlooked.

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This type of error can cause a prolonged delay of tasks and is uncertain. It’s usually an OS error which is unable to display the screen correctly and resultingly displays a blue screen which let the Windows restart itself.

The view of the blue screen differs as per your version of the Windows and can be dealt with accordingly. There are multiple types of blue screen errors,;down below I have mentioned a few:

  • Blue screen Bccode 50
  • Blue screen locale id 16393
  • Stop 0x000000f4 Blue Screen Error
  • Bluescreen 0x000000d1 Error
  • Blue Screen 1033 Error
  • Blue Screen 0x0000007b Error
  • Blue Screen 0x0000000a Error
  • Bluescreen code 124
  • Blue screen stop 0x0000003b

Now take a rundown at the solutions conforming to the Blue Screen Errors.

Troubleshooting BSODs

Many times it’s not hard to fix up such computer trouble but sometimes if the situation becomes worse, you might need a professional’s help. There are different ways to deal BDoS issues on different Windows versions which will be cleared as you traverse the article further.

None of the Windows Operating System can escape from the STOP error be it Windows 95/98, Vista, 7, 8 or even 10 and the first thing you can do is reboot the system and start again.

Any Windows 7, 8 or 10, a good troubleshooting way is using the Action Center. By following the steps in the Action Center, you can solve a BSOD problem.

In Windows 7, go to the control panel and access the System and Security while in Windows 8/10 look for the Control Panel, inside it click on Security and then the Maintenance option. In the recent version of Windows (8 and 10) the troubleshooting is initiated automatically once the system finds the blue screen error.

There are many other possibilities due to which the STOP error may occur so one can go for trying the following actions as well:

System Restore

On witnessing a blue screen on your Windows, you can make use of System Restore feature that helps to bring the Windows back onto its original state.

Malware Scan

There might be the possibility that the cause of the STOP error may be because of the virus or malicious software affecting the Windows kernel. The solution for the same is to go for a malware check or scan and delete the same.

Hardware Check

For hardware related issues, one can go testing the computer’s memory and also ensure that your device prevents to overheat.

New Drivers

Do look for your hardware drivers and check whether they are updated or not. Old versions of drivers may account to the reason for the occurrence of the BDOS error.

For more detailed steps to get rid of the STOP error, you can visit The Blue Screen of Death is real – but definitely fixable or for finding solutions one can check the steps for fixing the error online and get insights.