How to Fix PC Screen Freeze?


PCs can stop or ‘hang’ for a ton of reasons. It might be that there are a lot of projects running in the background and it can’t figure out how to manage different tasks simultaneously. It might be an issue that there are already a lot of programs installed on your PC and the hard drive is already full, thus, the system is not able to respond quickly and you might be asking it to perform an excessive amount of tasks at once.

Sometimes, these issues can occur due to a program that isn’t compatible with your OS(Operating System) or with different programs on the machine. Most of the time it will freeze due to the fact that it has a fan issue or the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is getting excessively hot or because you have installed new hardware, for example, another keyboard or mouse and the software is not up to the mark for your PC.

So, here I bring some solutions where these understated points will give a couple of hints on what to do if your PC hangs a lot:

Stage 1: Sometimes when your PC freezes, it does for a short span after it has completed various tasks so firstly, wait… and don’t start pressing more buttons or start clicking the screen, as this can give more tasks to the PC and enhance the issue.

Stage 2: If, after some time, despite taking every desperate measure it still hasn’t unfrozen, press and hold the ‘Ctrl, Alt and Delete’ key simultaneously.

Stage 3: After you have pressed Ctrl, Alt and Delete, a blue screen will pop up. Select Task Manager from the list of programs on the screen.

Stage 4:Task Manager‘ dialogue box will pop up on the screen. Under the applications tab, a list of running applications and projects are shown. If the application is frozen, you may see ‘Not Responding’ in the status column beside it.

Stage 5: Select the application name, it gets highlighted and after that click End Task. You may need to do this a couple of times.

Stage 6: You may then see a dialogue box appearing on your screen. Select End Program.

Stage 7: After following these steps correctly if your PC still keeps on freezing and doesn’t react and after attempting Ctrl, Alt and Delete and still nothing happens, the final thing that can possibly be done is to press and hold the power button of your PC for a couple of moments, until your PC turns off.

Wait for a few moments and then turn on your computer once again.

Stage 8: If your PC still continues freezing after you have executed a task, you may require to uninstall the program that is causing the trouble from your PC and find an alternate option.

Stage 9: Open the control panel from the start menu. Choose to uninstall a program when the Control Panel opens.

Stage 10: Scroll down the list of projects and find any that you don’t use. Select the program in the list so that it gets highlighted, after that click on uninstall. Adhere to the on-screen process to remove the program.

Notwithstanding the above-stated steps, there are a lot of different reasons, similar to low disk space, broken memory card and so forth. Whatever the reason possibly, the primary concern is to fix this issue without infecting the original data and then we should see how to viably fix the issue.