How To Fix Runtime Errors In 5 Easy Steps?


While operating some task in the Windows environment, the user may find some errors. One of them is Windows runtime error. Such Windows Runtime errors are quite disturbing and disrupting for the users who are working on some important task. These errors mostly occur when some programs fail to execute because of hardware or software error.

You can get rid of these errors by following simple steps. In this article, you will get a common solution for different types of Runtime errors. Before going ahead, let’s have the necessary information about Windows Runtime error.

What causes Windows Runtime error?

As we discussed above these errors occurs due to hardware or software issues. In most of the cases, the reason for this error can be – lack of storage space, the working of incompatible programs, viruses, the presence of malicious software, etc. A dialog box appears on screen that there is a runtime error but doesn’t suggest enough information to remove that error. It may lead to loss of data or can cause some irreparable error to your system.

Solving Runtime Errors:

1. Fundamental Steps to Solve Windows Runtime error r6025:

This section includes basic and easy steps to solve the r6025 error. This error occurs when an invalid function call is made by a program to a virtual member function. Then the compiler generates an error while building of that particular program.

a)  Begin with the ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ combination and access your Task Manager to check the running programs. Press the ‘Process’ tab to get the sorted list by ‘User Name.’

b) Such problems arise due to the running program. You can use the ‘End Process’ option and can end all programs until you find the particular one who is generating the error.

c) You should check the Runtime error after the closing of each program.

d) Once you identify the program, go to control panel and uninstall that program along with its files.

e)  And then you can re-install the latest version of that software or program.

2. Fixing Runtime Error r6002 on Windows:

It is a frequently witnessed type of Runtime error. The cause behind this error is the linking of the program to some non-existent program. At this time, the compiler will not be able to run the program and shows an error on the screen. To solve it follow the steps mentioned below:

a) Open the ‘Control Panel’.

b) Under the ‘Programs’ section, select ‘Uninstall a Program’ option.

c) Click on the installed Microsoft Visual C++ packages.

d) Uninstall these packages.

e) After uninstallation, restart your system.

f) When the system boots up, go to the Microsoft website, and from there you can download Visual C++ packages.

g) Install the packages and check the error should be removed.

3. Steps to Fix Windows Runtime Error r6034:

The reason behind the occurrence of this error can be corrupted files, device driver issue, missing files, and viruses, etc. In this, the compiler is unable to run the program because of the faulty files that interfere with the running program. It is very tricky to find out the particular error creating the program.

a) Boot your system properly.

b) After booting, open ‘Start’ menu.

c) In search box type ‘msconfig’ and press enter.

d) A dialog box will pop up on the screen named System Configuration.

e) In the ‘General’ tab, click on ‘Selective Startup’ option.

f) Uncheck ‘Load Startup items’.

g) Check ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ checkbox under ‘Services’ tab.

h) Click on the ‘Disable All’ button.

i) After pressing ‘OK’ restart your system.

4. The Most Common Way to Solve Issues with Runtime Error: (Microsoft Visual C++)

Runtime errors usually end the program in between and cause a lot of problems to the users. You can try to solve these errors by booting your system in safe mode. When you start the system in safe mode, it will only open the required files for complete functioning of the operating system keeping aside the other unnecessary files during the startup.

Follow these steps below to know how to boot your system in safe mode:

a) Restart your PC and keep on pressing the F8 key during the bootup.

b) A new window named “Advanced Boot Options” will pop up on screen. Use the keyboard’s arrow keys to go to safe mode.

c) Select Safe mode and press Enter.

d) Wait for the system to boot up in safe mode.

5. Resolving errors with the windows explorer:

Registry Errors: These errors tend to create issues within the system while running the program, and can further lead to runtime errors. Windows makes a log of all the necessary drivers and a corrupted registry file can make it difficult for the execution of a program.

Missing Files: When files that are required while the execution gets missing, misplaced or deleted, the program will not be able to get compiled and this will cause runtime error to occur.

Outdated Drivers: Make sure your drivers are up to date in order to avoid any problems while execution of any task or program.

I hope that now you can fix the Windows Runtime error and know the reason for its occurrence. But it is suggested to do disk-fragmentation at regular intervals to avoid such errors. It will make your system work efficiently and fast.