How to Solve the Top 5 Most Common PC Issues?


We all possess e-devices, and without any traces of doubt, we have witnessed many or a few technical troubles at one point or’ the other while making use them. The problems that usually occur are either the minor ones which even a new user can solve or are the major ones who need a professional lookup.

There are many PC issues to be dealt with depending upon their severity; however, one standard solution to avoid the general difficulties is to restart/reboot a computer when stuck. A reboot proves to be effective in most troubling situations.

Now let’s get down to the major PC problems encountered by many along with their workable solutions.

1. DLL(Dynamic Link Library) Files Corruption

A standard system issue faced by many PC users is that their DLL files get missing or corrupted. These files have an extension as “.DLL” and hold multiple codes, programs, and instructions to run several internal features of a computer.

The DLL files have a primary function to run several programs and applications to improve their memory conversion and are considered to be necessary for running the essential internal apps. When your system is unable to read a specific DLL file, it may end up showing an error message every time.

The Fixation:

To handle the situation wisely, one can look upon the System File Checker which is a Windows utility that scans all the system files present in the hard drive and determines whether anything is missing or damaged. It replaces or repairs the files as needed. You can go for reinstalling the file as well.

2. Internet Connectivity Troubles

If you face any issues while browsing, streaming or downloading, then you indeed, encounter the network connectivity problem.

One can check the speed of the internet on your device via where the minimum speeds (download and upload) must be 50% of the ISP’s speed. If the speed is slow, then you need to check with the ISP(Internet Service Provider)

Apart from this, improper connect with the DNS servers, your routers, computer, and network software also arises a similar situation.

The Fixation:

Restarting Windows can be the first thing one can do, and if again things don’t get right you can make use of the Windows troubleshooting tool (Windows Network Diagnostic) that checks for the loopholes related to drivers or wireless card failures.

3. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

The blue screen of death or STOP error is one of the scariest and major troublesome difficulty to be faced by the users. It’s a Windows error most likely to indicate issues related to your hardware or drivers.

The significant reasons accounting for such a glitch includes corrupted DLL files, hardware failure and damaged software.

The Fixation:

It is suggested to restart your computer once, in order to recover from the error code, and nevertheless, if the former option doesn’t work, you can use the Windows Event Viewer to focus on the error logs.

4. Overheating

Most of the components of a computer when in use, get heated up due to the flow of power through them. The CPU, motherboard, hard drives, graphics cards and many more, generate heat where little warmth in operation is accepted, but high heat level can urge serious failures.

Overheating is generally seen as the most common PC issue which is something that must not be ignored but avoided by looking for the solution for same.

The Fixation:

To maintain the temperature inside the computer, you can make well use of a tool namely Open Hardware Monitor that provides the temperature insights of the internal components.

5. Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive failure is a serious concern due to which one can lose his critical data if not preserved/backed up elsewhere. There is a massive tendency of hard disks malfunctioning or getting collapsed due to tremendous user commands of ‘read/write/erase’ which may lead to wearing out of the system’s internal parts.

The capacity of drive differs accordingly where no brand gives the surety of its long term functioning, so one must be careful about the hard drive usage.

The Fixation:

One must be prepared for the worst case by running a diagnostic on hard disk collapse and always keep a check on the indicating signs. As the drive gets corrupted instantly, the only way left is to have it replaced.

Hope the documentation helps you out in the best possible way, acknowledging you with the solutions to apply for the primary concerns related to a computer’s functioning.