How To Speed Up Your PC?


Today everybody wants their e-devices to be smart like them and want them to execute their commands at a breakneck speed. A computer’s slow pace is one of the commonly faced issues for which everybody needs assistance in getting out of this troublesome situation.

Irrespective of the various causes, you might see your system to take a prolonged time to work and execute tasks which demands its optimization for delivering faster results and increased performance.

Take a rundown below at some significant ways that Speed up your PC:

Run the Performance Troubleshooter

Windows has a very useful in-built feature that helps check the performance problems of the system and solves them out at its best. The tool automatically checks and fixes the issue that may cause the system to delay the tasks and make it slow. (like number of users logged on, programs running simultaneously, etc.)

One can follow these simple steps to launch the troubleshooter:

Go to Control Panel-> select System and Security

Under Security and Maintenance-> go for Troubleshooting-> Run Maintenance Tasks

‘Click Next’ when the ‘Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problems’ option appears.

Run Few Applications at a Time

One of the primary reasons for the degraded performance of your Windows is multiple programs running simultaneously which impacts the computer behavior and ultimately, its performance.

If you have opened dozen of browser windows, along with a lot of applications which are in use, and connected too many hardware devices, then indeed, your PC will get exhausted and end up delaying your tasks.

Thus, it is recommended to open only those browsers and programs which you need to work on presently. Additionally, make sure you are running an antivirus as working online,         and connected devices might inject harmful malware to your computer, arising the same concern.

Disable System software running on Startup

Any Windows version you may be working on will get sluggish at a time if there are too many applications or programs running in the background. So, you must disable those features which you may never or rarely use so that they don’t require CPU cycles for execution when the PC starts up.

One can go and launch the Task Manager and look for the Startup tab. Out there you will find a list of the applications that run at the startup and as per the need, you can disable the programs which have less usage and let others remain as enabled.

Enhance the Storage of your Machine

While working, we dont realize how much our cache gets filled and how many things get added in our ‘Temp’ folder. Moreover, there is a lot to store in a computer be it our sensitive and crucial data, images, videos, movies, and much more, where we hardly think about how our system manages to store all this.

Low performance of the machine indicates that there is a need to make checks on the space used by the software or may require you to add some memory via adding more RAM to the device.

Apart from this, one can make use of Windows ReadyBoost that allows the user to use some space from detachable devices (like USB) to speed up its execution.

Turn off  Animations and Visual Effects

If you have turned on the visual effects, certainly you will witness that your PC’s speed and performance gets reduced as then the situation comes down to appearance vs. performance. Either you can make your Windows look prettier or make it run faster and smoother.

There are many visual effects, and one can choose what is to be displayed and how. Follow the below-mentioned instructions for the adjustments:

Go to the Control Panel, search and type ‘Performance Information and Tools’ and click on it. Click on the Adjust visual effects; it may ask for administrator confirmation/password, provide that and proceed.

Click Visual Effects-> then Adjust for best Performance-> click OK.

After this, restart once and you will see the desired changes.

Kill Bloatware

Adware or bloatware are such programs which take considerable system resources, are of no use and ultimately, results in the computer’s slow running. By removing such software, you can drastically improve the working speed of your machine.

One can consider Malwarebytes, Norton Security and many others who help to delete such applications and check for other virus and spyware injections causing trouble to your PC.